Why monitoring your sales network is an investment on your Brand future.

Background: How to actively monitor Arrow's global sales network.

Monitoring your competitors it's easy (if you know how to do that), because you know who they are and where they are operating online but what happen if you are a global brand and your sales network is so big that sometimes you don't even know your resellers?

This is the problem that Arrow were facing before they decided to use PRICEFY (brand version) to have a constantly update picture of what's happening on their global sales network.

The results, as always happen, opened their eyes about their online retailers behavior and the composition of their sales network.

Retailers, as usually happen, were selling Arrow's products below the MAP (minimum advertised price) and even when this was not happening on daily base, some of them were doing this only on weekend, trying to hide their misscondution to what they tought was a manual checking operated by Arrow staff.

Solution: PRICEFY (Brand Version)

After 6 months, MAP violations had a reduction of 75% and every day they are informed about new retailers that appear online (Pricefy Retailers Discovery feature), even before they show off on Google top ten serp positions.

Arrow is actively collaborating with PRICEFY, providing feedbacks and suggestions about what they really need to increase automation of their sales network monitoring.

Ettore Martinelli Arrow SPA

Ettore Martinelli

I.C.T.Department | Arrow Special Parts SPA

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