Case Studies

See how PRICEFY helps retailers, brands and partners improve their business.


When Arrow started using PRICEFY the goals were, proactively monitoring their resellers and be alerted when someone was selling their products without consent or was not respecting the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Let's see how the reached their goals using PRICEFY Brand version.

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Let's see how Guanxi is helping his brand customers increasing their sales month after month thanks to competitors monitoring,pricing intelligence and sales network monitoring.

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Starting a business is just the first step, be competitive is always the hardest goal expecially when you also have a phisical store. Discover how Farmakom integrated PRICEFY to give their retailers a competitive advantage.

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Meloni SPA

Even when you are on top of the distribution chain, the challanges are not finished. For this reason Meloni SPA is using PRICEFY to stay competitive on the market and offer the best price to his customers.

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When catalog assortment and prices are the core of your differentiation strategy, PRICEFY is the tool you were looking for. Ausilium is the perfect example of how competitor monitoring can be turning point of your online business.

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