How laverage on PRICEFY API to create a killer feature for your SaaS platform

FarmaKom Competitor Price Monitoring With PICEFY

Need: Give competitive data to FarmaKom retailers, directly inside the admin panel.

If you are an SAAS e-commerce platform, like FarmaKom, one of the most useful data you can provide to your customers is the competitor selling price.

This is quite difficult considering that each customer could have multiple competitors so the best way is to obtain data from where most of competitors publish their offers.

These places are called "Price Search Engine" and they are very popular for certain ecommerce sector, like Pharmacy or Wellness products.


FarmaKom integrated PRICEFY API inside their SaaS plaform so each customer can see the lowest selling price of a product, extracted from one of multiple Price Search Engine.

This method is faster and cheaper than scraping 50 or 100 different competitors and give a tremendus advantage to their retailers.

Andrea Mangilli FarmaKom

Andrea Mangilli

CEO | FarmaKom

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