Why enter in the Brand protection services field


Background: How to expand high profile services

Guanxi is a strategic consulting company in the digital field that operates from Italy for mainly B2B clients.

Thanks to Pricefy they setted up a new division, called the Ecommerce Partner Program, which has the mission of supporting manufacturers in order to reduce the distortions between the online and offline market, creating and managing a partnership program to increase services and the value of distribution chain to the market between producer and final customer.

Solution: PRICEFY

A leading brand for agriculture products has been able to identify hundreds of fraudulent sites, products with unregulated label and offline retailers that increased their business volume by distributing products over unauthorized markets.

The analysis was also used to identify new partnership strategies with those retailers that today operate synergistically with the Brand.

Massimo Calabrese Guanxi

Massimo Calabrese

Co-Founder | GUANXI

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