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Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitor your competitor's price in any country, currency or marketplace (e.g. Amazon and eBay), on daily basis. Be alerted every time your competitor changes his prices so you can adapt your pricing strategy in real time using your own rules.

Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying when you are higher or lower and adjust your prices to increase your profits.

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Competitor Price Monitoring Tool

Competitor Products Automatches

Pricefy A.I. matches your products with your competitors using our state of the art search algorithm.

Once your competitors are imported into Pricefy you can start monitoring them with just a click, no manual URLs inserting needed.

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Competitor Products Automatch

Dynamic Repricing

Be always on top of your competitors, reprice your products by your rules and save dozens of hours of manual work per week. Auto-Repricing increases your sales without lowering your margins.

Afraid of automated processes? Use our semi-automated repricing. Pricefy will suggest you the new price for your products and you can approve it with a click.

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Dynamic Pricing

Alerts & Reports

Track your competitors and receive instant,daily or weekly alerts and reports direcly into your email inbox or slack.

With Pricefy you can create your personalized alerts and reports (Excel, CSV or XML), deciding when is the right time to receive them (Instant, Daily or Weekly).

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Competitors Alerts and Reports

Take a look at our scraping numbers

We have been doing this job since 2008.

Our infrastructure is hyper-scalable so we can reduce the cost and give you the best price for a top level service.

While other services may have you wait for minutes, hours, or even days to display the first scraped competitor price, we operate in "live mode." Everything is processed instantly.


Online Stores Daily Monitored

8 Million

Monitored URLs


Scraping Success Rate

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Companies around the world trust Pricefy, find the plan that best suits your needs.

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  • Up to 50 SKUs
  • 3 Competitors
  • Daily (1) Price Updates
  • API



  • Up to 100 SKUs
  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Daily (2) Price Updates
  • Price Change Notification
  • Excel/eMail Reports
  • Stock Spying
  • Multi-Currency
  • API



  • Up to 2.000 SKUs
  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Daily (2) Price Updates
  • Price Change Notification
  • Excel/eMail Reports
  • Dynamic Repricing
  • Stock Spying
  • Multi-Currency
  • API



  • Up to 15.000 SKUs
  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Daily (2) Price Updates
  • Price Change Notification
  • Excel/eMail Reports
  • Dynamic Repricing
  • Autopilot Repricing
  • Stock Spying
  • Multi-Currency
  • MAP/MSRP Monitoring
  • API


What Customers Say About Us

testimonial quote is a quick, easy and flexible way to automate the way they monitor their competitors prices.

Over the last couple of years, I have tried several different software solutions to enable me to better keep track on our competitors pricing however none of these solutions were successful and all took up a considerable amount of my time. Ive been using for a while now and have found it very easy and simple to use giving me all the tools I need to keep track of our pricing, one of the features I like is being able manually link a product to any of my competitors pages meaning if there is not an exact match I can choose something similar to help me with my pricing strategy, this is the feature no one else could offer me.

Steve Morhall | Sales Director
testimonial quote

Since using Pricefy, we have been able to compare and adapt to market trends compared to our competitors on a daily basis as easily as possible

As an ecommerce business, we had been searching for a good tool to monitor the market. Upon comparing available services, Pricefy came on top. Since using Pricefy, we have been able to compare and adapt to market trends compared to our competitors on a daily basis as easily as possible. We’ve been using them since their early days and every week, the service just gets better and better.

Alex Tremblay | Project Director
testimonial quote

Pricefy makes checking competitors 10x faster

Pricefy makes checking competitors 10x faster than it used to be! Great tool and easy to use. Customer service team are always super helpful and sort your issue in no time at all!

Adam Broadhead | Head Of Ecommerce
Adam Broadhead |
testimonial quote

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Hanry Luice

App Developer
testimonial quote

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Ami Nijai

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions you may have, right here.

Are you really able to match my products with my competitors automatically?

Yes we do and we offer you two ways to do that. The first one is called Code Automatch and uses EAN/GTIN code to compare and match products between you and your competitors. The second one is called Quick Automatch and compares your products' titles with the whole competitor's catalog using our AI/ML algorithm to find similarities.

My competitors use products with variants, are you able to track them too?

Absolutely, until each variant has a unique URL you can use to reach it. If the website is dynamic and the selection of a variant is made using technologies like Ajax, we are not able to distinguish that particular variant from any other.

Can my competitor know I am spying on his website?

Definitely no, our scraping service is totally anonymous for you, nobody knows you are performing a competitive analysis over a website.

Can I do everything with my free account?

Free account has been created to let you appreciate our service, it has a limit of 50 products but most of the features are included.

Do you sell my data to other companies?

Absolutely not, your data are protected and we do not sell anything of your information.

What if I have more than 15.000 SKUs in my catalog?

We have a special price for you, simply contact us using our live chat or this email.

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