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Competitors Monitoring

Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitor your competitors' prices in any country, currency, or marketplace (e.g., Amazon and eBay) daily. Be alerted every time your competitor changes their prices. Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying when you are higher or lower, and adjust your prices to increase your profits.

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Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitors Automatching

Pricefy's A.I. uses our state-of-the-art search algorithm to match your products with your competitors.

Once your competitors are imported into Pricefy, you can start monitoring them with just a click, no manual URL inserting needed.

Start monitoring your competitor with Pricefy today!
Competitor Products Automatch

Scrape following your own rules

If a competitor needs special scraping rules (which could happen when their website has multiple prices, dynamic pricing based on variation, or prices are VAT exclusive), you can create a personalized scraping profile using our Chrome App or by asking one of our scraping experts.

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Anti-bot eCommerce Scraping Rules

Instantly see when something changes

If one of your competitors changes a product's URL or removes the product from their catalog, Pricefy warns you with a specific error tag so you can substitute the URL or just stop monitoring it.

This is not only useful for keeping track of old URLs, but also for being alerted when your competitor makes changes to their website.

Start monitoring your competitor with Pricefy today!
Competitors Products Variations Alert

Take a look at our scraping numbers

We have been doing this job since 2008.

Our infrastructure is hyper-scalable so we can reduce the cost and give you the best price for a top level service.

While other services may have you wait for minutes, hours, or even days to display the first scraped competitor price, we operate in "live mode." Everything is processed instantly.


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