Be alerted every time your competitors move

With Pricefy you can create your own alerts and reports and decide when and where to receive them.
As soon as your competitor's price changes you will be alerted by email, slack or silently just in the alerts section.

Competitors Price Alerts

Instant price alerts

Be the first to know when your competitor change his prices. Pricefy alerts you every time this happens or if you prefer, it summarizes these information and send you once per day/week/month.

If you prefer to browser alerts online, price alerts section is always up to date and lists your competitors price changes.

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Instant Price Alerts

Keep all your collaborators in the loop

Include all relevant collaborators to ensure they are kept up-to-date and create customized reports for each individual to meet their specific requirements.

Create your competitor price alert today!
Competitors Alerts Email Reports

Personalized reports

We know how important is for you to obtain only the information you need, that's why you can create your own reports based on the information that really matter for you.

Create your competitor price alert today!
Competitors Discovery Personalized Reports

Take a look at our scraping numbers

We do this job since 2008

Our infrastructure is hyper-scapable so we can reduce the cost and give you the best price for a top level service.

While other services ask you to wait minutes, hours or even days before they show you the first competitor scraped price, we work in "live mode", everything is processed instantly.


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