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Pricefy helps you easily understand when your prices are higher or lower to stay on top of market trends and adjust your pricing strategies to obtain more sales.

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Pricefy responds to all your needs

With our price intelligence feature, you can analyze where you stand in the market and compare your products to those of your competitors. We collect a large amount of data and process it to give you detailed and useful insights

We categorize and filter the data to make it easy for you to understand and apply to your business. This feature can help you make informed decisions and improve your business performance.

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Overview and in depth comparison

Our in-depth comparison feature allows you to closely examine your competitors' products, prices, and sales positions on various websites, marketplaces, and price comparison sites.

This allows you to stay in control of the market and make informed decisions about your own pricing strategies.

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Competitors Monitoring Price Timeline

Organize data as you like

Efficiently categorize your competitors and prioritize what's important. Create your own filters to quickly extract the information you need and generate automated reports.

Create your competitors analysis report today!
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We have been doing this job since 2008.

Our infrastructure is hyper-scalable so we can reduce the cost and give you the best price for a top level service.

While other services may have you wait for minutes, hours, or even days to display the first scraped competitor price, we operate in "live mode." Everything is processed instantly.


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