MAP monitoring on autopilot

Pricefy constantly monitors your resellers to ensure they respect your MAP/MSRP, so you don't have to.

MAP Monitoring On Autopilot

MAP monitor made easy

With Pricefy, you can easily set a MAP for each product. We monitor your resellers to ensure they adhere to it.

Pricefy can map your sales network and list all the stores selling your products online.

Start monitoring your competitors' MAP behavior today!
MAP Infringement Monitoring Tool

Obtain information about bad actors

When you identify an unauthorized seller in your network, Pricefy can automatically gather all the necessary information for you to take action. Just press a button.

Start monitoring your competitors' MAP behavior today!
MAP Monitoring Bad Actors Info

Create a map of your sellers

Clusters of unauthorized sellers in specific global regions indicate areas with more widespread issues. Pricefy creates a dynamic world map of your sellers and bad actors so you can have a better idea of what's going on in your sales network.

Start monitoring your competitors' MAP behavior today!
Resellers overview

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We have been doing this job since 2008.

Our infrastructure is hyper-scalable so we can reduce the cost and give you the best price for a top level service.

While other services may have you wait for minutes, hours, or even days to display the first scraped competitor price, we operate in "live mode." Everything is processed instantly.


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