Our Mission

When we started PRICEFY.IO our mission was clear and simple:

Help retailers be more competitive.

Today we strongly believe that is not only a matter of competition but of survival.

During last 10 years we have seen thousand of e-commerce stores wiped out by colossal corporations that could use multiple strategies to conquer new markets.

Even if this is a great benefit for all of us as consumers in future it could be something that will damage what internet was born to be, a democracy.

Democracy in e-commerce means variety. The kind of variety that biggest corporations are not interested for.

It means also the possibility for everyone, starting from scratch, to build something that one day could be successful and improve our lives

But how this could be possible if competitors control the whole market?

That's our mission.

Give you the tools to build a better service and one day, compete with top players.

Will not be easy, will not be fast but we are sure it worth.