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$ 350My price


$ 363Amazon

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Price Monitoring Software

Monitor your competitor's products price in any country, currency or marketplace, on a daily basis. You can also monitor an e-commerce competitor directly, just using his marketplace username or website URL. [beta]

Discover how competitive your prices are, identifying where you are dearer or cheaper, being able to adjust your prices and increase your profits.

Pricing Strategy Testimonial

"Can't imagine my business without Pricefy. Take decitions about pricing and catalog monitoring my competitor's price is amazing"

Manuel Romero
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Pricing Strategy Dashboard

Products and Markets Opportunities Data

Dicover bestseller products of your categories, how popular they are and for how long they stayed in chart.

Pricefy will provide you the most valuable information about trending products and market opportunity to let you expand and conquer new markets.

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eCommerce Growth Hacking

Our goal is to analyse your e-commerce world to let you expand the business.

Thanks to Big Data and our A.I. algorithms we can help you with:

Pricing Strategy Testimonial

"Checking daily my competitor's prices was impossible. Thanks to now I monitor other website prices with just a click."

Lauren Riley
Competitors Price Analysis
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3{
  • 4"min_price":10,
  • 5"max_price":14,
  • 6"avg_price":12,
  • 7"currency":"EUR",
  • 8"picture_url":"images/12345667866.jpg",
  • 9"name":"Nike Air Presto Orange",
  • 10"resellers_count":18,
  • 11"offers_count":18,
  • 12"ean":"12345667866",
  • 13"last_update":"2017-05-25T22:17:12.106Z"
  • 14}

Price Monitoring API

Export all data in CSV or XLSX format with just one click.
If you need to import your price monitor results directly in your APP you can use our powerful API service that will permits you to easily manage a dynamic price strategy in real time.

Read our API documentations supports several e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and WooCommerce so you don't have to program any code. You can download our modules directly from your Pricefy backend or from your platform's marketplace.

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